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Unbound - Abortion Recovery Group

It is our greatest honor to walk through this journey with you. The true heart of the ministry lies in the recognition that we need Jesus to heal and restore all areas of our lives. We come together in a safe and confidential place to allow God to shed His light into the dark places. We focus on Jesus Christ as the restoration of our identity. Unbound tenderly helps those who have chosen abortion to come to terms with the choices we have made and the consequences that resulted. We support each other in uncovering what has been hidden and work to release the chains of bondage over your life. We hold that inner healing, true self-acceptance and total freedom from guilt, shame and worthlessness are possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are not free as a result of our own efforts but through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross! We invite you to step into His mercy…


Classes are held in person 3 times per year, winter, spring and summer. We meet Monday evenings at 6:30pm in North San Bernardino. The exact location is available after registering.

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