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Who We Are

We are a faith-based community of like-minded individuals with a passion to see our churches and communities stronger: Emotionally, Relationally, Mentally, And Spiritually!

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We know that an individual’s faith is monumental in maintaining their mental health. So, we have created a space where faith and mental health are not opposing forces but unified in providing care. God didn’t intend for the church to stay silent in matters of healing, wholeness, personal peace or joy. In fact it was a part of His purpose.

We have a commitment to respond to the real needs impacting our communities.

Stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide are at all-time highs, and we won’t sit back and just watch… We are here to partner with, listen to, and help navigate clients in their mental health care and next steps by providing solution focused brief pastoral care with low and no-cost services as well as internal and professional referrals. We believe in providing non-judgmental and loving care, and practice client confidentiality.

Our Team.

The Way World Outreach provides wrap around services for individuals 10 and up, through counseling, coaching, ministry interventions, and support groups. Provided by certified and pre licensed individuals as well as ministers, and trained lay biblical counselors.

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Ana Zavala


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David & Syliva Urban

Anger Management Leaders

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